The Secret History - WinBatch®

Morrie Wilson

Sun-drenched Beaches

When most people think of Hawaii, they get visions of sun-drenched beaches, sparkling blue water, and beautiful girls small to negligible swimsuits. Well, so did Morrie Wilson. And consequently, at the age of 18, he enrolled at the University of Hawaii to pursue a career of professional surfing. When his dream was tragically cut short a few days later (he discovered just how hard it was to actually stay on the board), he quickly recovered and started looking for a new way to exploit his talents.

Intriguing Hotels

Although it was difficult to decide on a different career, his experiences as a night-shift taxi driver quickly convinced him of one thing: people in general were very, very strange. After being offered a job as a getaway driver by two passengers who were impressed with his knowledge of local shortcuts, and turning down various deals where he could obtain commissions on the delivery of Navy sailors to certain rather intriguing hotels, he quickly decided that he wanted a job where he could deal with sane, rational, 'normal' people. Obviously, computer programming fit the bill (well, either that or accounting) which although not quite as glamorous as professional surfing, was almost as exciting.

Extracurricular Activities

After four arduous years at the University of Hawaii, which is well known for its excellent and rigorous program of extracurricular activities, Morrie grew tired of the nice weather, sun-drenched beaches and the continuous parade of the small to negligible swimsuits. It was no surprise then, that when a possibly inebriated Boeing vice-president offered him a job in Seattle, Washington, he took it. Morrie notes that working at America's largest aircraft research and manufacturing company taught him one thing, "It's not that hard typing up hundreds of pages of documentation once you realize you are just making up fairy tales."

Large Bonus

During a contract dispute with the local union, the Boeing Company stubbornly offered only a rather large bonus to the employees rather than a pay raise. Morrie took the cash and -- going deeply into debt with his wife (see aforementioned small to negligible swimsuits) -- purchased a top-of-the-line screamer, an 8 MHz AT (with a COLOR monitor). Looking for some way to dig himself out of debt with his wife and noting a near-total lack of Windows shareware, Morrie decided to concentrate on the Windows shareware market, and actually sold his software to BOTH users of Windows 1.0.

Stunned Wife

In spite of his stunned wife, he developed and launched the "Command Post" for Windows 2.0. Command Post was the only widely available programmable menu system for Windows 2.0. Estimates are that 20% of the users of Windows 2.0 (there were at least eight of them by now) used Command Post.

Last Paycheck

Flush with success, and with his last Boeing paycheck in hand, Morrie set out to conquer the world and start his own business, the first exclusively Windows shareware company. The fledgling company soon branched out to several other Windows applications. By 1991, Wilson WindowWare had become incorporated and, much to the satisfaction of Morrie and his tyrannical turn of mind, hired several employees (see small to negligible swimsuits, above) and moved to a larger facility.


With Wilson WindowWare now a thriving concern, offering the best in Windows software, Morrie now often finds himself being asked for advice on starting and enlarging a new business, "Find a licensed psychotherapist. Immediately."

World Domination?

So what's next? A takeover of Microsoft? Forbes 500? World domination?

Coffee Maker

"Well, a new coffee maker would be nice."

Morrie Wilson
Resume of Modesty

  • Education
    • University of Hawaii, B.S. Computer Science (1977)
    • Iolani High School, Honolulu Hawaii
    • St. Mary's International School, Tokyo, Japan
    • Tachikawa AFB Kindergarden, Tachikawa, Japan
      "Where I learned all the really good stuff."

  • Experience
    • 1989 - present: Chief Bottle Washer
      Wilson WindowWare, Seattle, Washington
    • 1977 - 1989: Systems Programmer and local guru
      The Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington
    • 1975 - 1977: Staff Programmer
      Dolphin Research Labs, University of Hawaii

  • Eccentricities
    • Fondness for anchovies
    • Understands "Far Side"
    • Prefers British humor
    • Previously offered job as employee #20 at Microsoft. Turned it down.
      Currently claiming temporary insanity.