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Wilson WindowWare does not assume responsibility for any information obtained beyond this point. The following links have been provided as they may prove useful in your quest to use WindowWare products to their fullest. If the information obtained on these sites is dubious in nature, well... it's beyond our control. We are the master of our domain and only our domain. However, links which are no longer working, will be removed.

Please contact support about existing external links which you believe are inappropriate and about specific additional external links which you like to see included on this list.

WinBatch Courses

At the moment, there are no companies offering WinBatch training. However, the Introduction to Programming Book we offer is a great learning tool. Also here is a Quick Start Guide to help you get started learning WinBatch.

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Other WinBatch Sites

Data & Stuff Inc

Specializes in Window's utilities with a focus on data manipulation and processing. A number of WinBatch utilities are available for free download. Visit

Syntax Checker
Steffen Fraas


The SyntaxChecker can analyze a WIL script for typos, invalid substitutions, undefined variables, invalid command parameters (supports all current Extenders), invalid compound structures (if..then..endif), invalid operators (= or ==), etc, etc.

With up to 20 reports and many script formatting options, this utility can save you a lot of (debugging) time, and a headache or two.

For more information contact the author via e-mail:
subject: SyntaxChecker

Arconi Logo

The Arconi SoftTools site is dedicated to free tools for Microsoft System administrators. My focus is lightweight quick running programs that do a single job; but do it well with a minimal learning curve. I will be showcasing both WinBatch and VBScript solutions. Also Myself and some of my colleagues will be sharing our experience with Systems administration over the years in developing scalable IT infrastructures.

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WinBatch Consultants

Consultants, we know you're out there. Please contact support if you'd like to be included on this list. Include your name, contact information and if you like a SHORT, blurb which explains you and/or your specialty.

Plaut Consulting
Laura Plaut
PO Box 46193
Seattle, WA 98146-0193

Over six years experience as a WindowWare Technical Advisor/Analyst, providing WinBatch scripting services since 1996 to users in all levels of expertise, technical assistance, and special-purpose WinBatch Extender development. We can provide anything from basic training to advanced WinBatch automation solutions.

Telephone: (206) 293-2084

Odyssey Data Systems, Inc.
7016 Carries Reach Way
Raleigh, NC 27614
Telephone: 919-803-6698
Contact: Robert Presser

Since 1975, IT consultants to customers of IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i, etc.) computers and related network-attached devices. Servicing clients on-site in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary triangle area (NC) and on-line, everywhere else. Extensive experience in developing WinBatch applications to automate Windows applications and to interface between Windows and IBM i applications, including use of ODBC to SQL Server and DB/400.

Visit us at

Simon Husin
Automating One Function
At A Time
8640 Gauphin Place
Nashville, TN 37211

Seasoned software developer with extensive WinBatch experience.

  • Automate screen data scraping
  • Automate data entry
  • Automate inter-program data transfer and/or exchange
  • Automate software & data conversion
  • Add functionalities to existing applications by way of "seamless object invocation and control"

Telephone: 615-218-3949 ;for free consultation and estimates.
Easy payment via PayPal!

Jimmy Ulmer
Telephone: 601-283-0816
Fax: 678-461-7804

PC-magic Contracting Co.
1225 Lyndhurst Way
Roswell, GA 30075
(Computer Programming Contracting Services)

Semion Sucholutsky

WinBatch Master: Six years of WB scripting experience. Waiting for CWE (Certified WinBatch Expert) exam.
StarCOM, Toronto Canada

Absolute Dynamics
Telephone: 713-408-8852

Absolute Dynamics develops and markets system management software and provides IT consulting services. Specializing in network automation, system maintenance and software deployments, our technical and personable skills generate a contagious energy that always results in a positive solution for our customers.

Philip Seyer

Senior software engineer and technical trainer. 20+ years experience in software development. 10 years WinBatch experience. Author of several WinBatch programs used by major corporations.

Available for contract assignments: WinBatch training as well as software development.

Please call 916-772-7555 or use this contact form.

Integrated Technical Solution
Phillip Gordon
Telephone: 949.322.6706
Fax: 949.448.0840

Extensive WinBatch automation experience. We develop and specialize in data and platform migration utilizing the WinBatch as well as VB. Integration and Migration experience on all Windows platforms including Windows 2003. We also provide Project Planning, Project Management and Staffing using Technically Proficient and Seasoned industry employees.

WizardWrx Logo
David Gray
5006 Cloyce Court
North Richland Hills, TX

For years, people have said that David Gray is a wizard. Motivated by his recent stint as the Wizard of Whispering Waters, a retreat in north Texas, and the gentle encouragement of his loving wife, Janet, he has assumed the title of Chief Wizard. Drawing on over 20 years of diversified experience, imagination, and skilled use of WinBatch, C/C++, Perl, Visual Basic, and other languages to make software magic for his clients.

WizardWrx specializes in readable reports and making many programs work as if they were one, using WinBatch and other languages. The WizardWrx Website is a treasure trove of useful links, articles for users and programmers, and free or inexpensive utility programs, many written in WinBatch, for developers and system administrators.

Visit WizardWrx at

Telephone: +1 (817) 812-3041

Radico Consulting Ltd.
Micheal Todesco
Calgary, Canada
Telephone: 403.289.8886

I have been working with WinBatch since Windows 3.1 to do anything and everything you could imagine. Inquiries appreciated.
Web: Radico Consulting Ltd.

Thomas Wisinski
Telephone: 214-369-4304

Juris Technologies
2806 Dyer Street
Dallas, Texas 75205

Roosl's Graphic Design
Chandler, AZ USA
Telephone: 602.400.5004

Roosl's Custom Software for Windows

Nifty tools and utility programs for your Windows PC, Server or Network developed with WinBatch. Check out available programs, including my flagship Mail Filter/Blocker and freeware!

If you don't find something you'd like or need, please contact me. I'll be happy to develop (or may already have) a customized solution for your specific need!

I can help you to:

  • Automate Tasks and Processes.
  • Monitor Networks.
  • Manage your Systems and Users.
  • Do just about Anything on your wish-list!

Need a tool? Roosl enjoys creating custom applications!

David R. Watson, CDP
Information Technology Strategies
3964 Catamarca Dr.
San Diego, CA 92124
Telephone: (619)379-7816
Fax: (858)495-0090

Specialist in prototype-based system architecture, project planning, and project management. I use a proven toolset (written in WinBatch and compiled AWK) to support requirements, design, and prototyping for data migration, data warehousing, and enterprise architecture planning.

Available for Concept of Operations, Architecture Planning, Training, Prototyping, and Project Management engagements.


Leo Clouser
Telephone: 407-754-7587

Experienced Senior Consultant in Healthcare Technology for 20 years. Used Winbatch for Single Sign On, Interface Development, and Automation Consulting. Developed over 200 Winbatch scripts for Healthcare institutions. Experienced Winbatch instructor - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


Jack Forman
Akornn Inc.
Telephone: (508)251-9359

Have been working with WinBatch since Windows 3.1, many Information Technology departments can benefit by creating a GUI-based WinBatch script. I have created an extensive number of WinBatch scripts to perform a variety of functions for multiple computers. These scripts analyze and perform administrative tasks, avoiding the need to access one computer at a time, saving precious time.



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