About Our Company

Wilson WindowWare makes and sells software for Windows.

The company is the brainchild of one Morrie Wilson, an ex-corporate rat-racer who decided to strike out on his own. With bonus check in hand, he purchased the first of his computers, set up shop in a broom closet and Wilson WindowWare was launched.

We pride ourselves on being right at the leading edge of Windows programming.

Since the best programs are written by teeny-tiny teams of talented people, not giant corporations with R & D budgets and huge staffs, we're nimble enough to create the software you want.

We foster the kind of intense creativity needed to yield superior results. All our products are brilliantly designed for ease of use, alleviating the hassles you may encounter in the Windows environment. Whether you're an unreconstructed hacker, a systems administrator for a vast corporate network, or just using your computer, you'll find that Wilson WindowWare will boost Windows to meet your specific needs, and make daily handling a breeze.

Take a look at what we have to offer. Since we market our products as shareware, you are free to try out any product for a few weeks before you make up your mind to purchase.

So what's to lose? Download our software, try it out, and then give us a call at 800-762-8383. You'll be glad you did.