Owl List

Using WinBatch®

What is WinBatch really good for?

We were wondering this ourselves. Just because we make WinBatch doesn't mean we know how folks use it. So we asked our users and received a wide variety of answers, some surprising and some not.

You can read the letters from our users or simply scan the list below:

System Administration

* Software distribution
* Scheduling unattended processes
* Security Administration in large sites
* Email Management
* Automate Telnet sessions with special purpose extender functions
* Control Panel Manipulation
* System configuration checker, inventory, system metrics
* Registry maintenance utilities
* Automating login scripts
* Workstation backup and restore system
* Auditing account domains

Network Administration

* Logon scripts
* Disk space utilization checker
* Manage user accounts
* MS SNA Server automation
* System admin of MS network
* Server status checker
* System backups
* Printer installation and setup of default printer
* Start and stop services automatically
* ADSI Administration
* Security Management
* Software upgrade utilities

Data Integration

* File Management
* GUI front end for user input
* Laboratory automation and instrument control via GPIB extender
* Utilities to automate faxing
* CD production automation
* PDF file creation
* Read bar codes in serial mode
* Data parsing and manipulation
* Analyze log files
* ODBC/SQL automation

Desktop Automation

* Automate repeated tasks
* Manipulate Windows with API calls
* File management
* Serial and parallel port programming and manipulation
* Command line utilities
* Automate zipping and unzipping of files

Internet Automation

* Automated emailer and email retrieval of messages and attachments
* Control web browsers, get web pages, fill out web forms
* Automate FTP transfers