About Our Company

Island Lake Consulting LLC is a computer software development company dedicated to maintaining, enhancing, and supporting the WinBatch® scripting language and tools.

The company was started by a former Wilson WindowWare, Inc. employee who was having too much fun to just stop when Wilson WindowWare dissolved.

We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining the highest quality software at a reasonable price.

Our focus is giving back to the WinBatch community that has creatively used WinBatch to solve problems and automation tasks. Our reward is doing something we enjoy and the knowledge that we are providing a service to the WinBatch community.

We foster the kind of intense creativity needed to yield superior results. All our products are well designed for ease of use in the Windows environment. Whether you're an unreconstructed hacker, a systems administrator for a vast corporate network, or just using your computer, you'll find that our products meet your specific needs, and make daily tasks a breeze.

Take a look at our offerings. You are free to try out WinBatch® for a few weeks before you make up your mind to purchase.

So what's to lose? Download WinBatch and try it out. You will be glad you did.