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WinBatch allows you to automate anything in Windows. We're not exaggerating.


Desktop Automation and LAN Administration

Manage unlimited desktops

WinBatch is an easy-to-use yet very powerful programming tool - capable of automating any task involving Windows. Use it for simple tasks like connecting PC's to network servers, printing batch jobs out at odd hours, and much more.

The Compiler lets you create standalone utilities for unlimited use on client PC's or servers.

Over 1500 WinBatch functions give you:

  • Support for network and job-scheduling operations from within Windows.
  • Traditional batch-language file management capabilities such as copying files, changing directories or launching applications.
  • Complete system control - read and change system values, work the registry, install any software.
  • Direct manipulation of applications via sending keystrokes, mouse moves, and direct function calls.
  • Windows manipulations (change size or location), control of multimedia hardware ( i.e. sound cards and CD-ROM devices).
  • Extensive string manipulation, integer and floating point math, and binary file manipulation.
  • Control of applications and the OS via COM Automation, ODBC, ADSI, .Net and special purpose WIL Extenders.
  • Works from desktop to Internet

Windows Interface Language

At the heart of WinBatch is our Windows Interface Language (WIL). It's a high-level programming language for automating Windows; hundreds of Windows tasks are pre-coded for you. Operations that require pages of code in other programming languages are just a single function call in WinBatch.


Desktop Automation

Want to take WinBatch for a test drive?

We offer WinBatch without the compiler. It is fully functional except for the compiler and you can use it free for 21-days.


Easy Windows Web Server Programming

WebBatch makes it easy to automate functions on your Website - by delivering real time CGI scripting capabilities that use our Windows Interface Language. WIL's simple syntax makes WebBatch easier to learn and work with than most CGI scripting tools. Its powerful set of functions means it can handle nearly any task.

WebBatch can be purchased separately or downloaded for free with the purchase of WinBatch+Compiler. With that addition of WinBatch+Compiler any Windows application can become part of an integrated Windows Web server solution.

You can use WebBatch to easily:

  • Process orders.
  • Dynamically respond to visitor choices.
  • Manage group discussion lists.
  • Publish HTML tech support pages on the fly.
  • Generate a graphic "hit counter."

Nearly anything you've seen done on the Internet using PHP or Python can often be done much easier and faster using WebBatch.

Limitless ways to link your web server and all your Windows applications