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And now some words from our happy customers...

WinBatch is a very versatile, useful, strong yet easy-to-use programming language that has been around for more than two decades with a growing and active group of users and followers. I personally have been using WinBatch since 1999. Initially, I used it just casually, but as the years went on, with its increasing robustness, additional useful features, and excellent support, it is now almost always one of the top choices (of the 7+ programming languages I am strong in) to get things done quickly, often times with very impressive deliverables.

In addition to solving I/T-related challenges for my direct employers, I have also been frequently asked to assist numerous organizations and independent professionals around the globe to help solve their challenges with WinBatch.

I am well versed in multiple programming languages, which include C, Java, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Fortran, Cobol, Basic, and Rexx, but WinBatch has been the most exciting language I have found thus far. A Medical Doctor, a comptroller, a successful financial institution founder and CEO, a CFO, a professor and the likes have come to me over the years for advice and also for a (professional) assistance to get interesting projects done, and WinBatch succeeded very well every time, often times with just a very little effort.

Simon H

Wow. With the new dynamic and graphical dialogs there's just nothing you can't do in WinBatch now. I no longer have to open up my Delphi anymore. ;-) WinBatch brings the power of professional programming to hobbyists. I started up the corporate tree of software development, then quickly decided I wanted to have fun with programming instead. WinBatch is FUN! (C++ is not)
I love this stuff.
Thanks for all your hard work,

(GUI Guy)

I have been in the IT industry for over 12 years, and in 1997 had the opportunity to work with your product for the first time.

Since then, every company I have joined or every contract assignment in which I have engaged, Winbatch has been a tool I have purchased and / or strongly recommended. The same applies to my current job as Network Services Manager at a corporation in Phoenix.

Winbatch is invaluable for performing minor to complex tasks either in a login script environment or through deployment scripts with desktop management software / distribution tools. Winbatch gives you the power that only top notch C++ or VB developers can enjoy, but takes away the complexity. A guy from our development environment was amazed at some of the tasks I was able to perform in Winbatch with as few as 20 lines of code and a couple hours of work.

Anyway, just wanted to put in my two cents worth. Oh, and the best part - $495.00 - this is cheap. I would gladly pay 10 times that for the convenience and time this product has saved me.


Network Services Manager

I have been using WinBatch now for quite a while and I mainly use it to have a fully integrated system run on a Server-Client base that is nothing more than a Home Theater PC. The whole stuff works with a remote and needs only 10 keys to control everything like DVD-playback, File-playback (MP3 etc.) Movie Database, Video recording and much more.


I have been using WinBatch on and off since 1992. I have a computer science degree, and have been working on both mainframe and PCs. I have worked with at least twenty different formal programming languages, and at least as many productivity tools. Nothing has given me more joy, and impressed more bosses than good old, tried and true, WinBatch. I say tried and true because, unlike VB, I have never had a problem with the language itself. WinBatch is the only software I have purchased that has been very thoroughly tested by the company, prior to being released to the public.

Here's a brief list of what I have done with WinBatch:

1) Integrated five languages together in order to deliver a project on time to a customer. The application involved the mainframe, and was primarily written in Mozart (a mainframe GUI tool). Mozart could not handle environment variables, so WinBatch was used to start up the application, passing critical information about the users setup, which contained a rather extensive amount of DOS variables created in the config.sys file (DOS 6.x). WinBatch was also used to collect information from FoxPro, and Excel. It then re-formatted the info, placed it into a text file, and sent it up to the mainframe, using the Irma LAN connection.

2) Parsed through 50 gigabits worth of Web Log Data into a format that could then be feed into Web Trends for reporting. The original developer wrote a UNIX script that took approximately 300 hours. I initially attempted to pseudo-code this in WinBatch. Surprisingly, my pseudo-code ran the entire process in 7 hours (non compiled), which thrilled the customer to the point of satisfaction. That was good enough for them. Using WinBatch's binary buffer commands, I created a memory manager which cut down on excessive I/O. The problem was the information had to be parsed a certain way, then written out into individual states (up to 50). Rather than write out each parsed line to the respective output files, I created one large buffer and split it into "n" number of states. The code then fills up each specific logical buffer in memory, and only performs a write to file when a buffer area maxes out. This may sound difficult at first, but WinBatch has some really powerful functions that make this a piece of cake. Take a look at BinaryWriteEx(). (This particular version of WinBatch only allowed a max of 10 buffers, so I hand to be innovative. The latest version allows 128). I also built Checkpoint/Restart logic into the program. This was helpful to the user, in case they needed to shut down the PC. The program is able to sense that it has not completed it's prior run, and asks the user if they want to continue where they left off.

3) Developed a COBOL copy book converter. Converts a COBOL record layout into a format suitable for Jasmine II.

I could go on and on with many of the other productivity features that come standard with WinBatch, like the RoboScripter, PopMenu, FileMenu, each of which I use extensively, but it's really more fun to discover these on your own.

I always tell others that this is a must have tool for any serious PC developer. What makes WinBatch such a perfect fit for me is that it does not limit my creativity in any way. It's not the answer for every assignment. It's not suitable in situations where an object oriented approach would outweigh a structured one. However, It's sort of like that favorite tool a mechanic has in his/her tool chest that has come to the rescue time and time again. In the right hands, this tool can do anything!


To whomever this concerns,

First of all I wanted to commend you on an excellent product.

I have been in the industry for 12 years as a programmer, Network Administrator and etc. I have seen a lot of utilities to help automate things and I have written several.

Two weeks ago one of my peers was working on a project in Winbatch. I have heard of Winbatch before but I was very proficient in VB and had no desire to learn a what I thought was a very limited batch language. This peer started asking me programming logic questions when he was writing this Winbatch utility. I asked him to send me the code and I would look it over. (I thought surely it is similar to VB in some respects and I could give him a pointer or two.) After reviewing his code and seeing how easy it was to do things with the built in extenders, I thought where have you been all of my career. I then thought of all the time this little miracle would have saved me in the past. Needless to say I spent the next 5 days writing Winbatch scripts to automate everything that is repetitive in my job. (Mostly backend server maintenance stuff.)

When the Love Virus hit I wrote a utility that cleaned it up: Reg settings, Trojan, Infected VBS files and etc in one day. Then I wrote a Winbatch program to continuously scan the Exchange servers MTA message Queue directory cleaning out any infected files based on a virus signature file. We had this running on each Exchange server on our customers Global network. (This was a fill in for a commercial solution that we have installed now.) But none the less the power of Winbatch played an important part in helping us get our customers systems back online in record time.

Thank you! Thank you!,

V. W.

I have to write and thank you for your absolutely outstanding, world class, much appreciated technical support. Although I have never found a situation I can not resolve using WinBatch, I do occasionally have some difficulty handling the tougher nuts. You (and everyone else at WWW) provide REAL help and invaluable insight into the deeper recesses of Windows.

Well, I just wanted to say Thank You! Your help is appreciated more than I can express.

J. V.
Monroeville, PA

Thanks for the WinBatch poster. It is a very handy quick reference for me. I can see that there is a lot to know about this very useful tool. Wish I had a second one for the office (hint, hint). Anyway...I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the quick responses to the web-board and to tell you a little story of how time saving this product is.

First off, I am a computer consultant. About a year ago, I was tasked with extracting "hot link" URL's from 10 Excel spreadsheets (they appear hidden inside a cell), each with approximately 8,000 entries. I wrote an "automated extraction" app using WinBatch, and let the program run overnight. I have compiled a list to show how much time I figured I saved my client from having to do this extraction manually. I thought you'd find it interesting:

Total extractions 8,000 X 10 spreadsheets = 80,000
Extraction manually at 15 secs/cell
Total manual extraction time 1,200,000 secs or 333 hours X $100/hr = $33,333

Cost of Compiler $500
Program development/De-bug 20 Hrs X $100/hr = $2000 Even if I charged to "watch" the program run it would have cost less than $3,333
TOTAL SAVINGS at least $30,000

I don't know if other Winbatch "fans" have saved this kind of money, but as a consultant, I can't even begin to tell you how elated my client was. Thanks go out to you and the others that have made this product a "must have" addition for their toolbox. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!


I don't do this often. Just wanted to let you know that I downloaded your program on Monday morning, got a small script working by Monday afternoon, registered and ordered the product over the phone from Eugene, OR about 3:00 PM and received my official copy by 9:00 AM Tuesday morning. I have not used the product much yet, but from what I see I'm hoping for good things. It really helped for the small application I automated yesterday. Your order and shipping department were great!


Eugene, OR

I am delighted to say that this Upgrade reached me yesterday morning and installed beautifully. It greatly impressed me that it did NOT over write my configuration files, merely loading new versions with a NEW prefix to the filename. That is highly intelligent program design.

Thank you for your help and understanding.


Hello! I just wanted to thank you for a great product (WinBatch) and congratulate you with your excellent technical support. The support pages are the best I have found on the net so far, and I have yet to get a problem I haven't found the answer to very quickly by searching the site. My company is using Winbatch to update our website with news and recordings of our broadcasts, and it's working excellent.


I. H. O.
Vadsoe, Norway

Conf: WinBatch Script Exchange
RE: Script not working as expected

You guys are great. I never expected such a quick response. 10 minutes?!? The script works beautifully now. It could use a little streamlining to account for those machines that don't require the registry hack, but that's about it.

Thanks for the help!


I am a Swedish/Latin American journalist, living in Stockholm and writing on IT and culture for Swedens largest morning paper. I ran into your site by hazard and I wanted only to congratulate you for the effort and the good work.

Stockholm, Sweden

WinBatch has made me a hero at my company. Our project required us to manually download thousands of cameras from Kodak's Photonet site. Manually, it would take me 5 minutes to go through the Kodak site to download one camera. With WinBatch, I can start a script when I leave at 5:00 and download 200 cameras over night.


Spanish Fork, Utah

Just felt like telling you that "you are simply the best". No problems at present, but I really enjoy reading your forum because it's fast, knowledgable and entertaining.

Best wishes,

H. S.

Since I mostly post problem reports, I thought I'd mention that I am thoroughly impressed with this product. I've only just begun to use it and already my productivity has increased significantly over what I was using.

Almost every day I find some little feature that works just like it should. The bookmark facility is stupendous. The only thing I would add there is some form of permanent named bookmark (like in Word) so I could mark section of code and go directly to them by name and which wouldn't get erased by the erase all bookmarks button.

The color coding is unbelievable. I've avoided several typos that would have caused program failures that I would have had to debug later. The only minor thing I'd like is nested comments since Rexx supports that. Search and replace and find are excellent.



I cannot praise y'all enough for this wonderful product. I am a Software Engineer at Turner Broadcasting Systems in Atlanta, Ga and was tasked to integrate the installation of several different products and applications (i.e. Oracle client, custom controls, in-house PB & VB applications, etc...) into one comprehensive installation utility.

After doing a little research into how things were currently deployed (DOS batch programming), I recommended the purchase WinBatch+Compiler to allow me to complete my task (I "played/evaluated" the demo extensively).

This tool paid for itself within DAYS! My team has delivered, in weeks, an installation utility that would have taken months to do in a traditional programming language, perhaps not even delivering the same result. It took me a matter of days to ramp up on the WIL language, and once there, I was blown away by the level of power and flexibility it provided. Y'all have really delivered the goods. This is one very cool tool EVERY developer should have in his/her toolkit.

Kudos to everyone at Wilson WindowWare and please keep up the excellent work!

Atlanta, Georgia

Hi all!

I just recently heard about your WinBatch products from another developer, so I thought I'd better check them out, so I downloaded WinBatch evaluation and a couple of add-ons for testing.

HOLY SMOKE! WinBatch is INCREDIBLE! Where have you BEEN all my life?? --

C. R.

Just a simple plug to tell you how much I like your product. The only thing I could think of to make it better would be direct support for STDIN and STDOUT.


-- J.S. Kentucky

Started testing, things seem to be functioning, as always your tech support is 'Top Drawer' and we appreciate the support!


I am a long time user of Winbatch and have as of today joined the ranks of Winbatch Compiler users. I work as a administrator/tech support person for a mid size printing company, Golden Eagle Press in Reno, NV. I also run a consulting business Jacy Services and/or The Byte Jockey. I know all to well the issues of providing tech support over the phone. This background BS is just so you know the source.

For the past couple of years I've reached Deana a lot when I call for support. I just want to say that she is the best support person I have ever had the occasion to work with - bar none! Her patience and knowledge is excellent. When I pop tough questions, she follows through with definitive resolutions and/or work-arounds. Please give her several Gold Stars if not a big raise - she deserves it!

J. C.
Reno, NV

Subject: You are GOOOOOD!

Hi Deana,

Your help is always right on target, but your suggestion that the reason I was not getting all of the text in a combo box because the box was not being populated until it was dropped down was stunning.

Thanks so much for your consistently excellent support.

Plymouth Meeting, PA


Thank you for your help yesterday. I also wanted to mention that was the best support call I have ever made. Nice work by you, and the WinBatch people. Feel free to pass this note on to your supervisor, atta boys are always nice.


--Random WinBatch Kudos found on Deja News Borland Forum--

When I worked as a Co-Op for this company for 6 months, I was using this product called WinBatch. These were the best newsgroups I have ever participated in. You go to their site, and they have an easily navigated and searchable... past newsgroups question and FAQ that actually helped!

The examples and questions were very good - lots of times I found info their and didn't have to go to the newgroup portion. But, if I did....they had this guy (who I think was the guy that wrote WinBatch), answering EVERY newsgroup post. There was never a newsgroup post that went unanswered. Even if it was him just saying "Clarify more, and here is my guess". Even that "guess" alone, puts confidence that somebody is thinking about my problem. Other people answered posts, but he was the MAN! Imagine the confidence you will have, when you post a message in the morning... and a lot of the time it is answered by the end of the day (we are talking business hours now). Or if not the end of the day (or if you post your question at the end of the day) -- as soon as you get into work -- you fire up the newsgroups and wow! a GUARANTEED answer/reply. Those newsgroups were beautiful!!!!


Mr. Wilson,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate some of the people you have on your staff. Marty, Laura, Deana - and Chuck Chopp (in a remote sense) went WAY above the call of duty to help me with a problem I had been fighting for over a year. It had to do with WinBatches locking up during login script processing, and the problem was determined to be with our Virus software, McAfee. But, that simplifies it greatly. Their hard work and cooperation and just plain brain power figured this one out.

In one of my job functions of Software Distribution for 4000 desktops all over the planet, I have always waved the Winbatch flag in the face of opponents that want SMS, WinInstall, NAL, LanDesk and the like to replace my empire of custom scripts. However, I always win out when they look at my scripts I have created versus the other packages. Your staff's level of customer support is a HUGE factor in this. They allow me to be the "Scotty" of our Enterprise, where if no one else can come up with a solution to a problem, they call on me to do it and expect me to be a "miracle worker". I have WinBatch scripts running all over doing everything from monitoring servers to be sure they function properly - paging administrators if there is a problem, to moving data from old 16bit legacy systems into new 32 bit platforms that would never ordinarily talk to each other. Users love the colorful and informative screens, ability to decline installs until they have time, etc.

Thank you again for everything, and kudos to your staff.

T. J. T.

Thanks for getting this fixed so quickly. It's awesome the way you turn things around in a couple of hours. Once again I am pleased our company chose your product.

Thanks again, J.L. -----

To all employees,

I just wanted to take time out of a busy day to tell you I think your Winbatch program is one of the most useful software tools I have ever used. With over 25 years programming experience I've seen a lot of products come and go, but your product is head and shoulders above the rest. After using WinBatch for about a year now, I can honestly say it is about 10x faster to develop a project than with VB.

Finally let me say how impressed I am with your tech support phone line. I actually get a human to talk to within 30 seconds anytime of day. And it's someone who's qualified to answer my questions rather than a newbie like so many other companies use. Your technical support staff has always been courteous, ready, willing, and able to assist me in my questions.

Thank you for being a premium company with an outstanding product and qualified support. It takes a lot of qualified employees working together to create and maintain such an effort. I wish you all the best in your continued successful business.

Sincerely yours,

D. D.

I have one more comment about your company's tech support. If anything, it's 'too good'. I've been playing with WinBatch, on and off, for the last couple of months. During that time, I regularly scan the webboard to learn more about the product and to find additional uses for WinBatch. Very often, I see questions being posed by people that show they've never looked at the documentation!

Winbatch has some very good documentation (both online and offline). I especially like that examples are given with each function in the help files. As a tech support person for a medical software company (whose user documentation is almost non-existent), it bothers me to see people not using the extensive resources provided. Rather than take the time to look thru the help files and search the support database...they simply ask on the forums. If there is anything I can do to assist you in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me.

B. M.

Guys (and Girls),

I just wanted to say that I use WinBatch for everything. I am NOT a programmer by any means, but the ease of WinBatch, and the Intro to Programming book that I purchased from ya'll (yes, I'm from Texas) has improved my skills and has definitely made me more marketable. I am able to do things with WinBatch that others marvel at. I let them think of me as an 'NT God' for a while.. then I tell them about WinBatch. Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for the version updater, this makes it tons easier to keep my extenders updated. You have an awesome product and I now am learning other languages where before I thought that programming was beyond my reach. Thanks again guys for making my life easier.

C. M.

I would wish other companies would be as good and customer friendly as yours.

P. C.

Might I say that I am impressed how quickly Windowware responded to this bug with a fix. Over the years I have reported bugs to a few companies and your response has been one of the quickest. If you need a testimonial I would be pleased to provide one.

J. S. K.

I've been programming for almost 20 years and can't remember enjoying a tool as much as I'm enjoying WinBatch. I purchased the compiler last week and have not been able to put it down since. Thanks for the great work!!

M. J. C.

P.S. Your support services are great too.

I wanted to say thank you for the example (on the WinBatch Nearly Psychic Tech Support help archives) of how to remove a Cntrl Z from the end of file. The eof marker started causing a problem as we began FTP'ing files to our mainframe (the pre-FTP upload program stripped the eof markers). As an old mainframe programmer who used to feel helpless when confronted with PC problems that couldn't be handled with DOS commands (although I guess this problem could be handled with the DOS Copy /b) I sure appreciate your product. More so, like so many others, I appreciate your hints and availability for assistance.

B. B.

Not only is WinBatch + Compiler an excellent product, but the tech support is super. I was not expecting a reply to my question so fast. Keep up the good work!

R. B.

I wanted to let you know how very happy I have been with the service provided by WindowWare. Less than 3 months ago I never would have dreamed that I would be writing applications and SELLING them. Thanks to all your folks help, we are in the final stages of Beta Testing our programs and are due to ship them by mid-August. Response to our programs has been wonderful -- and I couldn't have done it without you guys. Please pass the word around. I am one happy camper.

L. L.


The DLL you sent me solved the problem. Thank You! I haven't tried the code you sent me yet, but I have tried the Search Extender. It works great!

You and literally EVERY person I have spoken with on your staff have always been very helpful, patient and courteous. If I had to judge WinBatch on customer service alone, it would already be sold. I hope to have a good working model in a aweek or so to present to management as a "proof of concept". Once this is done I'll be calling you for a licensed copy of the WinBatch + Compiler! Thanks again. :)

C. R.
Portland, OR

WinBatch is my choice for handling all of my automation.

WinBatch has many different "extenders" which can be downloaded. One of those extenders is the "internet Extender" which gives you direct access to FTP functions. I strongly recommend to anyone trying to automate FTP sessions to look in to WinBatch. Their Technical Support is exceptional as well.

A. M.

Thanks for your help. I've been bragging about how good your service is over there. And my coworkers are impressed with the capabilities of your products. Overall... great experience working with your company.

T. D.

Talking about support, at this place I'd like to say that the WinBatch WebBoard offers great support in amazing quick time. Even big compaines like Oracle and Microsoft don't reach such a quick time in responding to users questions.

A. V.

The best place I've found for code examples is here on the BBS and in the Tech Support area. The best of the BBS seems to make it into the Tech Support Database, and it is permanent there. If you can't find it in either place, just ask. Martin, and the other gurus from the user community seem very helpful. And for really tough cases, Martin seems to have a line on some of the developers and user suggestions do sometimes make it into the next version!

D. W.

The support at Wilson WindowWare is first rate. Anytime I have ever had a question or concern I've been able to find answers within iminutes on the WebBoard BBS and most recently through free phone support. In the age of 45 minute to an hour waits, on 1-900-pay-support, this is very refreshing!

D. W.

Now, if you don't mind a little "testimonial" from a newbie - I love the product so far and I am really new at this! I have found the answer to EVERY question, mostly in your on-line tech support information, which has lots of helpful sample solutions. I hope you will keep this database(s) up and continue to add to the lists as appropriate.

I'm responsible for 30 or more machines on an internal network and they all run McAfee virus protection software. Version 5.x of that product doesn't have "automatic" update built-in like previous versions (scheduler), so my FIRST WinBatch program is to write the code necessary to run the McAfee Central program, do the weekly data file updates and reboot the user's computer. I'm almost finished writing and testing my script, THEN I'll take the "big plunge" and come back for purchase of the Compiler. I plan to use the Windows task scheduler to run my compiled EXE once a week - should work, I hope!

Right now, as I develop the code, I'm trying to identify all the possibilities of interactivity that might come up (data files already updated, can't reach McAfee, does the machine need scanning first, etc.) I never realized until now how many possibilities of "branches" there are, in writing a program!

Thanks for what seems to be a very comprehensive product!

A. H.

Just want to express appreciation for WinBatch and also the technical support you company has provided since I bought you product 99b, whenever that was.

I used your old version of Winsock and with your help produced a utility to mirror a local group of files on my server to handle my home page. Removing old directories and files on the remote site and I found it necessary to make a directory before copying files. Also had to handle a mixture of time and year dating and date/time differences between the Unix server and my local machine.

Anyway had fun and am satisfied with the quality of the utility.

Thanks again for providing a high quality nice to use product and backing it up with excellent support.


In trying to find a way to automate NT administration functions, I came across WIL - the Windows Interface Language. With one line of code you can create a complete GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE to get user input. It is shareware and you can download a fully functional, non-crippled, non-timed version from

WinBatch is the basic scripting engine. Their answer to simple CGI programming is WebBatch. Their documentation is complete and their technical support BBS is nothing less than fantastic!

P.S. I have no interest of ANY kind in this product! My only interest is in trying to get my work done!