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WinBatch+Compiler is the most cost-effective way to standardize operations, automate windows applications and improve security and ease-of-use. For as many people as you want. Royalty-free.

If you're responsible for your company's computers and you want to improve the way they operate or bullet-proof your network login procedure, you need WinBatch+Compiler. WinBatch+Compiler uses our Windows Interface Language (WIL), a full-featured programming language, and produces independent .EXE files that you can distribute freely.


WinBatch+Compiler provides solutions to your everyday needs. WIL gives you the power to connect to a server, run an application, retrieve information and log out, simply by clicking on an icon. You can make a hotkey that automatically cuts and pastes data from one application to another, and reformats the data, too. Or help your users manage multiple sets of open applications, displaying windows in their proper positions and sizes automatically, at the press of a key.

WIL provides over 500 functions that allow you to control nearly every part of Windows and Windows applications.

  • Support for network and job-scheduling operations

  • Traditional batch-language file management capabilities such as copying files, changing the directory of launching applications

  • Support for system control -- read and change system values like the time, the current wallpaper or check to see if a mouse button or shift key is pressed

  • Direct manipulation of applications via recording and sending keystrokes

  • Manipulate windows (change their size or location), control multimedia hardware (like sound cards and CD-ROM drives)

  • Extensive string manipulation and integer and floating point arithmetic

  • Complete binary access to any type of file

  • Support for structured programming, including IF...THEN, GOTO, GOSUB, WHILE, FOREACH, FOR and SELECT

  • Complete support for user interaction, including standard Windows dialogs, check boxes, radio buttons, edit boxes, and list windows

  • The ability to launch a script via clicking an icon

  • Create service and scheduled task executables for on-going background processing.

WinBatch+Compiler helps you provide solutions to other people's problems. Since you've got over 500 functions at your fingertips, it's no problem to automate and bullet-proof login procedures for any kind of user (including you). Or create an application that prints files overnight to multiple printers from multiple sources before shutting down your computer. Or make a dialog box that changes printer settings, faxes a document, and changes the settings back to normal. Since WIL is a full-featured programming language, there is literally no limit to what WinBatch+Compiler can do for you.

WinBatch+Compiler is only US$69. It comes with both the WinBatch interpreter, Compiler and full documentation. There are no royalties for any applications you create, and we provide free tech support.

Download a trial copy of the WinBatch interpreter now, and see just how powerful WinBatch can be.