Create a dynamic website!

You want a dynamic website. One that changes every time someone visits. A site that remembers how they like to see things, or what they bought last time they came by. But do you really want to learn Python or PHP? If you already know WinBatch, leverage that knowledge instead.

WebBatch is easy-to-learn even if you are not familiar with WinBatch. It is an extremely powerful, CGI scripting language for web servers.

If you've ever edited a DOS batch file or written a program in Basic, you'll feel right at home with WebBatch. And a page powered by WebBatch can do anything you want it to.

WebBatch is only US$69 or free with the purchase of WinBatch+Compiler, and you can place your order online in our secure ordering area (powered by a WebBatch script, of course).

Give WebBatch a try. We think you'll like it a lot. Its free when you purchase WinBatch+Compiler!

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